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Title: Lost Along The Away
Fandom: Bones
Subject: Vincent Nigel-Murray
Song: John Nordstrom - Lost Along The Way
Note: Spoilers for the episode The Hole In The Heart (6x22).
Format: .avi
Length: 1min.50sec., 8.49mb.

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2nd Bones Summer Time Video Contest!!!

Are you bored because the absence of Bones and the summer heat is only making it worse?
We may have something for you!
i-Bones is glad to open its 2nd Bones Summer Time Video Contest to international participants.

This year main theme will be how the meaning of the entire series of Bones changed after the revelations of episode 100 (5x16 "The parts in the sum of the whole").

2nd Bones Summer Time Video Contest is open!

Do you want to give it a try?
You can submit original videos or old ones, that's up to you.
Winners will be elected by the visitors' votes once the submission period will be closed and special prizes will be assigned from the jury.

( Here you can find last year's winners. )

( Here you can find the full regulation. )

Feel free to invite other people and publish the contest in other communities.

We'll wait for your entries! ;)
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1st i-Bones Video Contest

The title says it all: we're trying to organize this first video contest and we decided to open the "competition" to international partecipants, so you're all invited to join and, if you have the opportunity, please advertise the contest in your own community.

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I don't want to wait

Music: Paula Cole - I Don't Want To Wait
Pairing: B&B inc Parker and Baby Andy
Season 1-4
Story: Booth and Brennan were enjoying being a couple in love until Booth got called away to war. Feeling abandoned she struggles further when he returns and is a changed person, he can't connect with her or with their children and she wonders if they can survive this. Can Booth recover from his experience and pull his family back together in time?

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Booth/Brennan - Love Remains the Same

Title: Love Remains the Same
Edited by: Wieke00
Music by: Gavin Rossdale
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
Story: After something Booth said Brennan is hurt and takes a step away from Booth. They still work together, but not as friendly as they used to. They both miss the moments they were tight. After the Andy case they realize they feel more for each other then they both cared to admit..

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